Fiesta organizers encourage San Antonians to be green, fit, healthy

SAN ANTONIO – Fiesta organizers and city leaders are encouraging people to be green, fit and friendly during next month's Fiesta celebrations.

Fiesta commemorates the history, and culture of San Antonio with family-friendly events.

On Tuesday, people were encouraged to be green by recycling, and to be fit by utilizing San Antonio b-cycle, the city's bike share program to travel to Fiesta events.

The city is also encouraging San Antonians to eat healthier.

"You can enjoy yourself, but please make sure that you stay on a healthy diet. Hopefully, it'll work out well for everyone, and they'll have a good Fiesta," said Fernando Reyes president, 2015 Fiesta commission. "Eat what you want to eat, and then go back to your regular healthy diets, and there are regular healthy foods during fiesta as well if you choose not to go out of your diet."

Organizers remind you that Fiesta is also a way for nonprofits to raise money for the rest of the year, so they encourage everyone to go out and have a great time.

Fiesta runs from April 16 - 26.