Bexar deputies learn CPR for K9 partners

Veterinarian teaches life-saving skills to deputies

SAN ANTONIO – Their furry partners do a lot of the dangerous, often dirty work, and now, should any of the Bexar County Sheriff's Office K9 dogs get hurt, their human partners will be able to provide immediate help.

The handlers attended a training class Tuesday afternoon at Mission Veterinary Specialists. Basic first aid and CPR were on the agenda.

"K9 handlers and their dogs on a daily basis are put into dangerous situations and to have this knowledge to perform any type of immediate care or CPR on their partner is invaluable knowledge to have," said Sgt. Nathan Cartwright, a BCSO K9 handler.

A stuffed animal provided CPR practice, then the officers practiced their new skills on real dogs.

"I know that those dogs are extremely important because of work that they do and (the officers) have a level of emotional attachment to them as well – they spend an awful lot of time with those dogs," said Dr. MR Redman.

The dogs come into contact with dangerous individuals suspected of crimes. Their noses are used to sniff out explosives, drugs and people. It's a job the handlers know can put their lives, as well as their K9 partners, at risk.

The officers say they're better prepared to help the dogs.

"You can never know everything when it comes to dealing with your dog," Cartwright said. "With appropriate care and acting quickly, even some horrible situations can be turned around."

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