Counties ranked by healthiest, least healthy

Report: 60 percent of counties see decline in premature deaths


BEXAR COUNTY, Texas – The County Health Rankings were released Wednesday, showing where counties across the nation stand on health.

The report highlights the impact violence, employment, education, transportation, housing, diet and exercise have on health.

According to the report, 60 percent of counties across the U.S. have seen a decline in premature deaths.

The report also states that almost one in four children in the U.S. lives in poverty. The poverty rate of children living in unhealthy counties is more than twice as high as those in the healthy counties.

The County Health Rankings found that two key social economic factors driving health are violent crime rates and employment.

The report states that "Violent crime rates are highest in the South. Violent crime rates, which affect health, wellbeing and stress levels, are highest in the Southwest, Southeast, and Mississippi Delta regions."

In the least healthy counties, unemployment rates are 1 1/2 times higher than in the healthy counties, the County Health Rankings reports.

They also highlight that the healthiest counties have a high college attendance, fewer preventable hospital stays, and better access to parks and gyms. However, the least healthy counties have more smokers, teen births and alcohol-related car crashes.

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