District attorney speaks about grand jury's decision in Redus case

UIW officer cleared of criminal charges in death of student

SAN ANTONIO – A district attorney is speaking to KSAT 12 News about the grand jury's vote Tuesday not to indict a University of the Incarnate Word police officer in death of a UIW student.

District Attorney Nico LaHood told KSAT 12's Steve Spri­ester he personally called Cameron Redus' parents to tell them the grand jury's decision. He told them he presented all the evidence and called witnesses.

LaHood also told KSAT 12 News that he "feels sad for the family and what they are going through, I've been in their shoes." LaHood was referring to the fact that his brother was murdered.

Lahood has agreed to talk to KSAT 12 News about the case Wednesday morning.

The case was initially presented to former District Attorney Susan Reed. She told KSAT 12 News in January that when she first received the case, she thought it needed more investigation.

Reed even went to the scene and walked through it, and listened to the audio recording of the struggle.

Still, Reed had questions about the case.

"When you hear the officer that keeps saying, 'Stop struggling, stop struggling,' and on and on, and on, and you're just not quite sure," said Reed. "Now there are a lot of shots and that's why the forensic report is so important."

Now that the criminal case has been closed. KSAT 12 News has asked Alamo Heights police for the recording of that struggle. We'll let you know when they respond to our request.

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