Texas' lethal injection drug shortage temporarily over

Officials obtain enough pentobartibal for 4 executions scheduled for April

SAN ANTONIO – A shortage of a drug used in Texas lethal injections is temporarily over, authorities said Wednesday.

Until this week, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice had only enough pentobarbital for one more execution.

The drug is part of a three-drug combination used to execute condemned killers.

TDCJ spokesman Jason Clark said Wednesday that the shortage has been temporarily resolved.

"We were able to secure a new supply of pentobarbital that will allow us to carry our executions through the month of April," Clark said.

There are four executions scheduled for April, another in May and one in June.

"The drugs were purchased from a licensed pharmacy that has the ability to compound," a statement released by prison officials said. "We continue to explore all options, including the continued use of pentobarbital or alternate drugs used in the lethal injection process."

"The manufacturers of those drugs have put restrictions in place making it difficult for departments of corrections throughout the United States to obtain those drugs," Clark said.

He said department policy does not allow the release of any information about the manufacturers.

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