Windcrest gives Uber green light

City Council votes unanimously to approve TNC's operation

SAN ANTONIO – The city of Windcrest giving the transportation network company Uber the green light.

In a 5-0 vote, the Windcrest City Council decided to allow the rideshare company to operate in the city.

That makes Windcrest the first city in Bexar County to allow Uber operate within its city limits.

"It was also very important with RackSpace to have this agreement and we want to be forward thinking and lead the charge," said Alan Baxter, mayor of Windcrest. "And there are other mayors that are the same way. We're just the first ones to get it done."

The way the law stands now, residents using Uber in Windcrest can get picked up in Windcrest and dropped off in San Antonio, but once in San Antonio, they can't get an Uber ride back home.

Starting April 1, Uber will not be allowed to pick up passengers within the San Antonio city limits.

However, Jan Leaders, who has lived in Windcrest for 25 years, said that won't stop her from using Uber.

In fact, she's planning on using the service during Fiesta.

"It would be nice to be able to make arrangements to have a roundtrip, but until San Antonio makes their changes, I guess one way is better than none," said Leaders.

Leaders said she'll get a ride back with a friend or maybe even a taxi if need be, but other residents hope Windcrest's move to work with Uber will push San Antonio to get on board.

"I think San Antonio should look at it more closely," said Windcrest resident Veronica Dixon. "Since other large cities like Austin are using it now, (maybe) the small sister cities (will) start using it."

Uber San Antonio General Manager Henry Carr said that could be a matter of time.

"Uber as a whole wants to be in San Antonio ," said Carr. "And I don't think we've passed the point of no return."

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