SAFD welcomes first ever woman fire chief

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Fire Department welcomed its new deputy fire chief on Tuesday. Yvette Granato was appointed as the city's first woman to claim that title.

Granato joined the fire department in 1985 and has been serving as the interim deputy chief since October 2014 following the retirement of Deputy Chief David Martinez.

At Tuesday's ceremony the new deputy chief was asked if she felt like a trailblazer.

"Not really," said Granato. "I look at all the people here today. It's no different than their families supporting them and making it through the ranks in their careers. So I don't really feel like I would separate myself from the pack, because like I said, we're all family."

Granato will take command of the emergency services.

District Chief Andrew Estrada was appointed to the rank of assistant fire chief along with other promotions within the department.