SAPD: New tech could track gunshots in neighborhoods, alert police

Sentri technology captures audio, video of gun violence

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio Police Chief Anthony Trevino on Wednesday updated the city's Public Safety Committee on a program that will alert officers to the location of a gunshots through an app on their phones.

The department wants to have the technology available for officers on patrol on the city's east and west sides. Both areas were chosen using data about previous gun-related violence.

Trevino said he is looking to at two companies to launch the technology.

(If it's) determined to be a gunshot, they notify us about that," he said. "What they can do is immediately notify our dispatch center and they also have the capability to send that to officers in the area."

The whole process would take less than a minute to alert officers.

The Sentri technology would work by placing microphones and cameras in the areas that will pick up gunfire and feed information to software that processes the sound and helps police track where the shot was fired.