SAPD officer mourns son after he loses fight to cancer

Julian Andrade, 5, lost battle to spindle cell sarcoma

SAN ANTONIO – A young boy, known as a little superhero to family and friends, was remembered Tuesday night.

Julian Andrade, 5, the son of San Antonio police officer Jose Andrade, lost his battle with cancer March 26.

Officer Jose Andrade is thankful for the support from his brothers in blue, so he could remain by his son's bedside until the end.

"It's very difficult; it's the hardest thing I think anyone can go through," said Andrade. "I think it's the hardest thing in life. I don't think there's anything harder."

Andrade said he and his family are taking things day by day and said his son's death left a big void in all of their lives.

"His personality was very explosive; he was so alive, he was a ball of fire, burning energy," said Andrade. "He rolled out of bed and just started running and as he was getting ready for bed he would run into bed and go to sleep, that's how his days were."

Jose Andrade said Julian Andrade was sick for the past seven months, but just received a cancer diagnosis in December from doctors in Houston. 

"It wasn't until the week of Christmas that we found it. They believed it to be a type of cancer called spindle cell sarcoma," said Jose Andrade. 

The cancer was rare and aggressive. It attacked Julian Andrade's brain and spine.

Despite this difficult time, he's thankful for his fellow officers who donated leave time to him, which equated to more than 5,000 hours.  He also said the community donated more than $30,000 to his family.

"It allowed me to stay at home by my son, and just talk to him, and spend time with him, and laugh with him one more time," said Andrade.

Julian spent his last moments with his family, which included his parents, grandparents and four siblings. 

"I'd always tell him that he's going to be a great man when he grew up always. He was going to be a great man and do great things.  I was right," said Andrade.