Mark Menjivar

San Antonio Book Festival

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SAN ANTONIO – It was in college when Mark Menjivar became interested in photography and would quickly fall in love with taking pictures.

One of his biggest projects involved taking pictures inside people's refrigerators.

"I traveled to over 30 different cities around the country, photographing over 80 of them," said Menjivar.

Menjivar was really interested in food issues and found the inside of a refrigerator was a way to really spark conversation.

Another interest of his is the topic of his latest archive which is all about luck.

The idea came about after finding four, four-leafed clovers pressed between the pages of a book he found at an old book store in Indiana.

"It really just sparked curiosity and thinking about the concept of luck and how luck intersected with belief, culture, superstition and tradition in people's lives."

"The Luck Archive" will be the book Menjivar will be presenting and talking about at the San Antonio Book Festival.

Mejivar's session will be at 3:15 - 4 pm in The Studio (Southwest School of Art, Ursuline Campus, across Augusta St. from Library).

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