New Planned Parenthood office causes uproar

Hundreds voice concerns at City Council Chambers

SAN ANTONIO – Hundreds of citizens signed up inside San Antonio City Council chambers to protest the new Planned Parenthood building located in the 2100 block of Babcock Road.

"We are neighbors. We back up to this facility. We have kids," said Lorie Rojas, who lives near the new facility. "There is a large day care and an elementary school very close by. We are concerned that a sexually oriented business will be moving into our neighborhood."

Rojas lives in the neighboring Dream Hill Estates community. She says Planned Parenthood doesn't meet the city's requirements.

"The zoning, as we understand, it is being zoned C1, which is currently for a medical office space," Rojas said. "What is going in there is an ambulatory service center where they will have two surgery rooms. They'll even have a laboratory in there."

Michael Knuffke, a board member of the San Antonio Family Association, said neglecting the zoning ordinance will cause big problems for residents.

"Do they literally want it next door to the sanctity of someone's home? I thought zoning was a buffering system," said Knuffke. "We have C1, C2 and then you put the nasty stuff in the middle. That's not the case. They're allowing it right next door to residents."

City officials said the owners of the building are well within their rights to be there, but council members must vote to decide whether Planned Parenthood can do business there.