SAPD: Man shot in face during drug deal

Victim drives for help from EMS at separate accident scene

SAN ANTONIO – One man was hospitalized after being shot in the face on the city's Southwest Side Thursday afternoon.

The victim was able to drive to an accident scene at Southwest 36th Street (pictured) where an ambulance was to get treatment.

The shooting happened in the 200 block of Croyden, police investigators said.

They said a couple was waiting in their car to meet someone for a drug deal. Investigators said the gunman walked up to the car, started yelling at them, then pulled out a gun and fired two shots, hitting the man once in the face.

"Right after the shooting, which is not too far from (the site of the accident), they saw the EMS unit here for this separate accident and that's why they drove over here," said San Antonio Police Sgt. Daniel Contreras. "He was able to drive over here. EMS was able to treat him and took him to University Hospital."

The alleged gunman has not been arrested, Contreras said, and the person involved in that separate accident was not hurt.