Xavier Garza

San Antonio Book Festival


SAN ANTONIO – Artist and children's book author, Xavier Garza, brings his books to life with animated pictures and story telling.

Garza, born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley now lives in San Antonio.

A big fan of lucha libre, Mexican-style wrestling, he choose to showcase the men behind the mask as superheroes children can relate to.

"I tell people, to a kid lucha libre is like this incredible world you have heroes and villians and they wear masks and costumes," said Garza.

Garza also finds a way to visually showcase his storytelling through his art.

In all his books, Garza has illustrated all of the drawings.

"Basically, I paint about what I write. They are interlinked, they are one in the same really."

At the 3rd Annual San Antonio Book Festival, Xavier will have a reading session from 12:05 pm to 12:35 pm in the Holt Family Children's Reading Tent (Library Plaza, outside on Library grounds).

The book Xavier will be reading is his latest, "The Great and Mighty Nikko," which is due out later this summer.

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