Drug suspect arrested following police shootout

No one injured as police officers, suspects exchange gunfire

SAN ANTONIO – A police shootout ended Friday morning with no injuries, one suspect facing attempted capital murder charges of a police officer and a large cache of drugs seized.

"There was multiple shots that were fired at the officers as they entered the residence and the officers returned fire," said Police Chief Anthony Trevino outside a home in the 5900 block of Hidden Rose on Friday.

The shots fired at the officers, Trevino said, came through the wall of a bedroom where one suspect was hiding. He was arrested.

Two men in an adjacent bedroom were also taken into custody but later released.

The shootout shocked neighbors living next to the home where the shooting occurred.

"The police officers were all over the place," said Evangelina Hood, who lives two doors down from the suspect's home. "They told us to get back in the house and everything because there was bullets going everywhere."

Hood said that she's known the people who lived in the home where the shootings occurred for many years.

"My kids grew up with their kids," she said. "I talk to their dad every day."

Trevino said that officers also recovered drugs from the suspect's home but did not say what type of narcotics were seized.

He explained what justified the charges against the suspect.

"The officers announced themselves prior entering and as they entered the residence, so there shouldn't have been any question that they knew there were officers entering the residence," Trevino said.

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