City leaders kick off SA Tomorrow with community event

SA Tomorrow: City expected to grow by 1 million by 2040

SAN ANTONIO – A planning effort to prepare San Antonio for major population growth kicked off Saturday at the San Antonio ISD Convocation Center.

With the city expected to grow by 1 million people by the year 2040, SA Tomorrow aims at guiding the city toward smart and sustainable growth.

City leaders and members of the public joined in the conversation Saturday on topics such as housing, transportation and jobs.

"(The) biggest challenge is basically to get people to come (to) an agreement on what we want the future to be like. And that's why today we are talking to people and mostly listening to people -- showing them what our current situation is (and) our challenges for growth in the future," said John Dugan, director of planning and community development for the city.

Attendees were given information about each of the three plans that form the SA Tomorrow initiative. The plans are:

  • Comprehensive Plan: addresses land use, urban design and municipal policy
  • Sustainability Plan: addressed social, economic and environmental sustainability
  • Multimodal Transportation Plan: addresses cars, transit, bicycles and pedestrians

Click here to learn more about each plan and SA Tomorrow.