Suspected car thief leads DPS on chase through Kendall County

San Antonio police arrest man after he crashes Corvette

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police arrested a suspected car thief on the city's Northwest Side Sunday after the man led authorities on a wild chase in a stolen sports car.

According to police, the man stole a Corvette at gunpoint. DPS officers pursued the suspect through Kendall County and into San Antonio.

"He hit two cars," said Sgt. Daniel Gonzalez. "We have multiple accidents that we're still accounting for."

The man's getaway came to an abrupt stop when he rear-ended another vehicle at the intersection of Grissom Road and Timber Path.

"All of a sudden I got rear-ended. The guy in the Corvette jumped out. I was thinking he was going to come check on me or something, but the dude just took off running," said Tema Garcia, whose car was hit by the suspect.

Garcia had to make his own escape when the Corvette caught on fire.

"I saw smoke all around the car, and a guy comes out and he's telling me to get out because the car is on fire, so I escaped out the passenger side," Garcia said.

After crashing the stolen car, the suspect ran behind a Whataburger and into a nearby creek-way. It took officers about 20 minutes to catch up to him and take him into custody. He was not injured.

Investigators searched the Corvette and found two guns in the back of the car.

The suspect's identity and the charges he faces have not been released by police.