Lee HS opens food cart to help kids grab breakfast on the run


SAN ANTONIO – Breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day, but it can also be the most difficult to squeeze into a busy schedule.

That's why Lee High School is bringing breakfast to the students.

"The morning, it's time for you to hang out with your friends before you have to go into class, so you don't want to have to spend time in the cafeteria," said Michaelie Love, a junior at the school and a Mayor's Fitness Council student ambassador.

She saw the need for a breakfast cart.

"In August, I sent out a survey to the entire campus, and I found that over a quarter of our school does not eat breakfast," said Love.

"I'm always in a rush. Since I ride the bus, I only have a few minutes to get my breakfast," said sophomore Trinidad Almaguer.

"We do make sure that they all meet the federal meal program guidelines. They are different items, but they're still going to be low in fat, low in sugar and whole-grain," said Executive Director of Nutrition Services Sharon Glosson.

Glosson said the grab-and-go food choices are a way of supporting the classroom through nutrition.

"When they start their day hungry, then they're not able to focus in class, and they have a hard time doing their best in class," she said.

Dr. Sandra Ehlers, medical director of UT Kids, agrees that feeding tummies in the morning means feeding brains.

"Most of them have been fasting for eight to 10 hours during the night, and they just really need those carbohydrates, and that energy for their mind to work better," Ehlers said.

She added that skipping breakfast is not a good way to lose weight, because more often than not it leads to eating too much of the wrong things later in the day.

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