New delivery app comes to SA

Postmates app deliver food, goods via phone app

SAN ANTONIO – A national delivery app is coming to San Antonio Wednesday, and it may change the way residents shop, eat and even work.

It's called Postmates, and it promises to deliver almost anything to your door in an hour using technology that is similar to Uber or Lyft.

Jill Flynn is in San Antonio for the next few weeks for the app's startup, which takes place out of the Geekdom offices on East Houston Street. 

"It's similar to like, Uber or Lyft, but instead of people, it's things," Flynn explained.  "Basically it only requires a download of the Postmates app, and a quick registration to order off of many menus on their website.  It also has a general store for other things.

"There are some limits.  It's one person with a car, so very large items, probably not, definitely not pets or people.  It would be like retail items or food.  Things like that," said Flynn. 

She says it comes in handy for those too busy to run their own errands, or perhaps too sick to get their needed medicine. According to Flynn, they will even pick up dry cleaning or Nyquil.

Another similarity to the short-lived Uber and Lyft is the type of drivers who will be hired for Postmates. 

"Maybe they aren't free all day every day, but they are a student, a musician, whatever they do, they just have a little free time," explained Flynn. "This offers them an opportunity to make some money and it also helps local businesses to increase their revenues and reach customers that they might not have been able to."

Postmates is available for free on Apple and Android to download.  Click here for more information on applying for a delivery position.

For general information on restaurant menus you can order from or supplies you can get delivered, visit their website.