City, MADD urge residents to be safe for Fiesta

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio city leaders are teaming up with Mothers Against Drunk Drivers to urge residents to have a safe Fiesta.

Earlier this month, MADD launched its Power of Parents Mayors Challenge. "PowerTalk 21"is a 21-day series of efforts leading up to April 21, which is the national day for parents to talk to their children about alcohol.             

"No one's saying don't enjoy Fiesta. Just do it safely," says Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood. "Designate drivers, have a plan of action. Don't find yourself in a situation and then make a game-time decision. This is not the time to make a game-time decision. Plan it out and then have a wonderful, safe time.

The message from MADD and the city is "it's unacceptable to drink and drive." And if you're under the age of 21, it's illegal to drink at all.