Program prevents families from being homeless

SAMMinistries helps keep over 18,000 people off streets


SAN ANTONIO – SAMMinistries gave residents a look at San Antonio's state of homelessness Tuesday and what it's doing to help people stay off the streets.

Last year, the ministry helped more than 1,300 families through the homeless prevention program.

The program started in 2008 and helps families from becoming homeless by paying their rent or utility bills.

"So what we try to do, number one, is we can try to keep you in your apartment or rental home where you are," said Navarra Williams, CEO of SAMMinistries. "That saves a whole lot of trauma for the children. A lot of times those children didn't even know they were going to be homeless, because homelessness does create a traumatic effect on children."

According to SAMMinistries officials, the program helped keep more than 18,000 people in their homes, including 11,000 children.

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