Diamond Dachshund Rescue ready for Big Give SA

Nonprofit supports rescue, adoption of Dachshunds


SAN ANTONIO – The Big Give SA is almost here as charities all over South Texas ask for help.

Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas is one of the charities hoping to gather support during Tuesday's city-wide fundraising effort.

Christine McEntyre founded the nonprofit organization 18 years ago.

"I started fostering first and saw a huge need," McEntyre said. "I thought, 'Who'd give up a dachshund? Why would they end up at a shelter?' Because I loved mine so much, I could never imagine."

Last year was the rescue's first year to participate in The Big Give SA, as the nonprofit raised funds to help Tesla, a dog that was shocked and nearly died after chewing on an electrical cord.

Lillie Kneeland was Tesla's foster home.

"When she came to us, she had chewed a cord on this side of her mouth, and the electricity had gone through and come out the opposite eye," Kneeland said.

The money raised during last year's Big Give went to Tesla's vet bills, leading to her recovery and adoption by Kneeland.

"We've managed to get her through a few surgeries that she had to have in order to live a quality, normal life," Kneeland said.

This year, Diamond Dachshund Rescue has another dog in mind. The rescue is hoping the funds from this year's Big Give SA will help Denver Belle, whose vet bills have already totaled $2,000.

"This is what we need the money for," McEntyre said. "Her and other little dogs just like her. So that we can get them healthy and happy and find them good homes."

You can help by donating, volunteering or adopting. The rescue also has a senior dog program, where people can adopt an older dog and Diamond Dachshund Rescue will pay all of the dog's vet bills.

To find out more about Diamond Dachshund Rescue, click here.

Author's Note: The Diamond Dachshund Rescue is very close to my heart. As a dachshund owner, I know first-hand the joy that these little dogs can bring to those around them. Their legs may be short, but they may just walk right into your heart.