Citi employees volunteer during Big Give SA 2015

SAN ANTONIO – Tuesday was not only a day to help nonprofits around San Antonio and South Texas financially during the second-annual Big Give SA, but it was also a chance for people to volunteer some of their time.

Some of those volunteers were nearly 900 employees with Citi, the global banking company, who spent time helping locals kids and their families.

Every year, Citi employees are rewarded with a trip. During that time, they do community service. 

This year, top Citi employees received a trip to the J.W. Marriott resort in the Texas Hill Country. The trip also coincided with the Big Give SA.

The company started with a donation to Morgan's Wonderland of $10,000 and the ceremonial release of 1,000 Monarch butterflies.

Then they really go to work.

"Texas does everything big and this is incredibly big and incredibly great," said Citi's Sheryl Bims, from San Francisco.

Between 500-600 Citi employees started working on walls for homes for Habitat For Humanity Tuesday morning. They were building 128 walls for four homes.

"It feels great to know (our) hard work is going to be someone's joy," said Reese Porter, from Tuscon.

Other volunteers were making colorful blankets for 350 kids in hospitals around San Antonio and still more volunteers were putting together bicycles for kids and Boys and Girls clubs.

"It's a great event. I didn't know what to expect. It's just been -- I don't really know even how to explain how wonderful it's been," said Tine McPhee, from St. Louis.

"It is an amazing thing to see not only just what you are seeing here, but across the city the contributions that all the organizations around town, individuals, it's amazing just to be a part of that," said Michael Garza, a Citi employee and San Antonio native.

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