Comal County district attorney's statement

Today's verdict highlights why my office fought to have the law followed in how the jury charge was drafted and given to the jury.  In his response to our petition for mandamus, Judge Stephens argued that the appellate court should decline to intervene based on "the overzealous concern that a Defendant might by convicted of a lesser offense or the aversion of a possible unjust acquittal."  I believe that not only the State but every citizen should have an aversion to an unjust acquittal because an unjust acquittal means that a victim and his family do not receive the justice they deserve.

Unfortunately, Logan Davidson is gone and will never have the opportunity to graduate, get married, have children, and grow old.  I hope that through it all this community doesn't forget the fun-loving boy Logan was.  He was full of energy, full of life, and those fortunate enough to have known him will never forget him and his smile.

 The Davidson family is distraught over today's verdict because it sends the message that this type of behavior equates to a black eye or bloody nose when their son Logan is dead.  The Davidsons would tell you that had Logan survived this attack, he would have already forgiven his attacker.

The Davidson family wants to thank the NBPD and Comal County DA's Office for their tireless efforts in trying to ensure justice for Logan.  "We are very appreciative of their efforts on behalf of our family.  We miss Logan tremendously and will every day for the rest of our lives.  Logan was not a bully nor ever bullied his attacker contrary to the rumor and speculation on social media.  All we had wanted was for Logan's attacker to be held accountable for an action he decided to take, and today's verdict saddens us deeply.    We feel it sends the wrong message to the young people in our community, and beyond, that a child's life is worth nothing more than a misdemeanor.    We will refrain from any further media communications at this time as we need to work through this decision," said the Davidsons.

"We thank the community of New Braunfels for their constant support over the past many months and throughout the trial.  Their presence with our family reaffirms that despite our experience, there are still many wonderful people in this world.  We remain humbled by their love," the Davidson family said.