Booming economy lifts City of Windcrest

SAN ANTONIO – It may just have 5,500 residents, but don't let that Windcrest's small population fool you.  It's growing thanks to big businesses such as Rackspace, and In and Out Burger.

Small business owner, Dr. Craig Wright said the city's pro-business philosophy is what attracted him to Windcrest and ultimately made him stay. 

"The city is easy to work with, and it's kind of like being a big fish in a little pond over here," said Wright.

Wright built his dental practice in 1977. He said it's never crossed his mind to leave. 

Now, close to 40 years later, he says his practice is bigger and better than ever. 

"Right now, it's really going up with all the investment around the area, the new businesses going up around here it's a vital growing area now," said Wright.

A growing area that dessert shop owner Ron Witcher saw his future in.  He set up Arctic Ape five years ago, and said of all the places he considered to set up his shop, Windcrest made it the easiest.

"It's very easy to work with the city, to get the permits.  It's a thriving community and it continues to grow," said Witcher.

Mayor Alan Baxter believes the city's great police and fire departments have been valuable attractions to business owners.

With longtime businesses staying and international businesses like Rack Space moving in, he sees his city moving in the right direction.

"We're investing millions of dollars every year in cash in our infrastructure.  We didn't have to use bonds, we didn't have to take out loans, we paid off loans," said Baxter.

And the mayor's four-year plan for the city includes zero property taxes, free wireless Internet, and garbage pick-up for every resident.