6 arrested in attempted robbery in King William District

Suspects attempted to rob man at gunpoint Wednesday evening


SAN ANTONIO – Residents in the King William District are on edge after a group of armed teens tried to rob two men Wednesday night.

San Antonio police arrested three people in connection to that crime, but there have been several other recent robberies where people out walking were greeted with guns.

"You hesitate to go out at night to walk a dog. I won't wear jewelry when I'm walking anymore, or carry a purse or a cellphone," said a long-time resident.

Several people who live in the area said the charming streets they love to walk change when the sun goes down.

"Never was like this before, and now all of a sudden, since we've become gentrified, we've seen more and more of these one-on-one robberies," Amy Hodge said.

There were two hold-ups in the area in March and three others in April. At the time, police said they were unrelated, but each involved the victims being robbed at gunpoint.

Wednesday night, two men were outside at Sheridan and King William when a group of four guys approached them and first demanded their cellphones. When the victims refused, two of the robbers pulled out guns, police said. At that point, the robbers tried to reach into the men's pockets for their wallets, but ultimately fled empty-handed.

A security camera at a nearby home caught the robbers' license plate as they were leaving, and police tracked the car to a home at N. New Braunfels and Hays.

Six people were taken into custody, and three of them were charged.

Even with the arrests, residents are anxious and wondering what it will take to make their streets safe again.

"How will we fight this? How will we get our neighborhood back?" said a resident.

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