Grandfather: My heart stops every time I think about him

Joey Torres 27, was killed Wednesday morning in the 600 block of Rigsby Avenue.

SAN ANTONIO – The family of a man killed in a one-car crash early Wednesday morning, gathered at the scene of the crash later that evening.

Police said Joey Torres was headed east on Rigsby Avenue when he slammed into a utility pole. He died at the scene.

"My heart stops every time I think about him," said Ramiro Rodriguez, Torres' grandfather.

Rodriguez said he was close to his grandson and when he found out about the accident, he was devastated.

"Joey was my best friend," said Rodriguez. "And a great, great grandson."

Police said Torres was speeding on Rigsby, but they're not sure what made him lose control of his car and slam into the pole.

According to investigators on the scene, he was not wearing a seat belt and ended up in the backseat.

"I'm really going to miss him, but I know he's in good hands with God and I hope everybody prays for him.

"Dozens of Torres' friends and family members showed up at the scene of the crash on Wednesday night, remembering the man they loved.

"He took care of everybody," said Rodriguez. "He had a lot of friends. He loved his grandma very much."

Neighbors who live close to where the crash happened said speeding is a problem on Rigsby.

"Hopefully, they'll do something about it," said Becky Lozano. "I hope because we have the school across the street and kids are constantly running across the street."

April Luna with the city of San Antonio said they are aware of the accident and looking into the site.

"We do have staff that is looking at the area and evaluating the area to see if there's any type of safety enhancements that can be recommended," said Luna.

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