Wolff backs Van de Putte in mayoral runoff

Mayor Ivy Taylor worries endorsement will impact working relationship with Wolff

SAN ANTONIO – The runoff for San Antonio's mayor got heated Tuesday as a local political heavyweight announced who he's backing.

Bexar county Judge Nelson Wolff endorsed longtime friend and political ally Leticia Van de Putte.

"I'm proud to be standing here with my great friend Leticia Van de Putte and endorsing her for San Antonio mayor," Wolff said. "I think she has the qualities of leadership to take our city to the next level."

Van de Putte welcomed the support from the former mayor.

"I'm very proud and humbled today to have the endorsement of Senator, Mayor, Judge Nelson Wolff," Van de Putte said. "We have a shared vision for this community, one which moves us forward, one which makes sure that our citizens and the people who call San Antonio and Bexar County home have opportunities and we do that by strong leadership."

Mayor Ivy Taylor was not surprised by Wolff's endorsement but she said she's worried the politics will get in the way of what's been a good working relationship.

"We have gotten some things done," Taylor said. "First inter-local library agreement of its kind in years that no other mayor has been able to accomplish. We've established a criminal justice coordinating council and worked on workforce development."

Taylor said she was concerned because Wolff has canceled their weekly Monday morning meetings for the rest of the runoff -- a claim he denied.

"We haven't canceled them. There's times when she can't meet and I can't meet," Wolff said, adding if Taylor calls a meeting, he'll be there. "I don't have any feelings about not working with her. I think that's fine."

Taylor said she won't let the endorsement get in the way of doing the people's work.

"What I'm focused on is getting things done on behalf of the citizens of San Antonio, so I hope he'll still be willing to work together because that's what our jobs are," Taylor said.

Taylor and Van de Putte are now fighting for the support of the voters who backed Tommy Adkisson and Mike Villarreal. So far, neither man has offered up an endorsement.

The runoff election is set for June 13.

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