City budget adjustment funds body cameras for downtown, park police

$4M in funds reallocated in midyear adjustment

SAN ANTONIO – It's been a hot-button issue across the country -- body cameras for police officers. On Thursday, the San Antonio City Council approved funding for the cameras for the San Antonio Police Department.

City officials said the body cameras will be used by all park police officers and officers on foot patrol in the downtown area.

The approval for the body cameras was part of an adopted budget, which includes $4 million in reallocation funds to provide additional funding for programs. City officials said $320,000 of that will pay for cameras for police officers.

Police Chief Anthony Trevino said the cameras will allow his department to be more transparent.

"We are very fortunate that San Antonio has a good relationship with police," said Trevino. "And this will increase the level of transparency we will continue to look toward."

Body cameras are not completely new to the San Antonio Police Department.

Last year, the department participated in a six-month trial program with the cameras.

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