Medina Lake continues to make small gains

Battle-tested lake not good barometer for drought

MEDINA COUNTY, Texas – By definition, the drought has ended in most of South Texas, courtesy of healthy spring rains, but the term drought remains a relative term for some.

For those who live along Medina Lake, that is especially true.

In the last five years, Medina Lake has been battle-tested, with dramatic water level drops and underwhelming rises.

According to Mike Stroud, who has lived on the lake for 40 years, this week's rains have helped some.

"It's maybe 3 to 4 to 5 feet up," said Stroud.

At his home, Stroud recorded more than 4 inches of rain in the past few days.

Still, it remained merely a "drop in the bucket" for the lake.

"It's good for the trees and the greenery and the animals," said Stroud.

Medina Lake is up nearly 9 feet from one year ago and up close to 6 feet from just 6 months ago.

The lake, however, is still down some 83 feet in total.

Medina Lake has a small watershed and its water has long been valuable to many in the area. Those factors have made the lake's return to glory far more difficult.

Through it all, those who live on Medina Lake have managed to stay positive.

"Anything helps," said Stroud.

Historically, tropical weather travelling inland has been the best remedy for low water levels. 

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