Taylor, Van de Putte square off in mayoral debate

Full debate to air Friday on KLRN


SAN ANTONIO – It felt like the official start to the mayoral runoff when Ivy Taylor and Leticia Van de Putte met for a head-to-head debate to be aired Friday.

"With just the one-on-one, it makes it so much easier to draw that contrast. I mean, I think the differences between myself and my opponent are very clear," Taylor said.

The debate was the first of five meetings before the June 13 runoff election. KLRN's "Texas Week with Rick Casey," gave Van de Putte and Taylor a chance to show their contrasts and how they've sharpened their attacks.

"Ivy is a great planner, let me tell you, she knows how to plan, but there's a big difference between a planner and a leader who knows how to get things done," Van de Putte said.

They traded words that packed a punch. Van de Putte criticized Mayor Taylor's lack of progress on public safety contracts, ride share companies and Google Fiber. Taylor accused Van de Putte of being a career politician, who would bring party politics to City Hall.

"I am well-prepared for this job at the municipal level. I'm not a career politician. I'm not focused on doing anyone's bidding other than the citizens of San Antonio," Taylor said.

"I don't mind being called a politician because that's a skill set that means you get things done. And her track record is she hasn't been able to get things done," Van de Putte said.

The full debate airs Friday at 8 p.m. on KLRN.

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