Runners turn to Krav Maga for park safety

Multiple attacks reported in SA parks this year

SAN ANTONIO – It has been more than a year since a young San Antonio runner was murdered at OP Schnabel Park. And with several more attacks reported on San Antonio trails this year, some runners are looking for new ways to protect themselves.

Owner of STW Krav Maga San Antonio, Pete Hardy, said runners need to be prepared, not paranoid.

"Run it thought your mind, 'What if a guy comes out of the bushes?' or, 'What if someone comes up from behind me? I don't feel comfortable.' So you already prepare yourself in your mind how to deal with it," Hardy said.

The self defense martial art of Krav Maga has become an option some runners have turned to.

"What people need to understand, when we're talking about self defense and defensive tactics, it requires training," Hardy said. "It takes months of training to get skilled to be able to deal with a violent attack, where someone is trying to do bodily harm to you."

Hardy said knowing your surroundings and being prepared for the unthinkable can at least give you a chance at surviving a potential attack.

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