Medina Lake level rising due to storms

Medina Lake over 36% full

SAN ANTONIO – Hopes for a better summer season were buoyed by heavy rains that brought Medina Lake up to 36.3 percent full. 

"I can't believe it, we've had no water for three years," Phillip Fletcher said as he looked over the lake.

The lake was at just 10 percent full a week ago, and last month it was only 4 percent full, but Tuesday was a different story.

"All of the docks were all tangled up," Fletcher said.  "We spent a whole day getting them straight."

Fletcher said it was a lot of work on a holiday weekend, but it was good to see people on the lake again enjoying the water.

"There were people out swimming and boats going by," he said.  "I hadn't seen a boat out there in a long time."

But he said they still need more rain to fill up the lake and bring life to a sagging economy. Like his neighbors, Fletcher said he is optimistic about the coming months.

"They're saying it is supposed to be a rainy season so maybe we'll get it full this year," he said. "We're hoping we will."

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