Report: Canyon Lake now 100 percent full

Recent rains raise lake level; residents pleased but cautious

CANYON LAKE, Texas – For the second week in a row, official measurements show that the water level at Canyon Lake indicates it is 100 percent full.

"It's beautiful to see enough water back in there," said Wyvonne Pantermuehl, who lives near the lake.

But she said that the high lake level brings back memories of the flood of 2002 when the lake rose so high it sent water roaring over the spillway adjacent to Canyon Dam. It left a trail of destruction along the Guadalupe River below the dam.

"If you were here, then you do get nervous," Pantermuehl said.

She said that memories of that flood are reminders that the peaceful appearance of the lake at 100 percent full could change in an instant.

"We haven't had real bad weather here yet,"  she said. "It may be our turn."

Ian Goff, who said he travels the lake's shoreline often in his kayak, said venturing onto the lake today would be dangerous due to the weather. But the high water level is good news.

"It does the heart good to actually see it full again," he said.

But for boaters it's a reverse situation.

"Most of the boat ramps are actually closed due to the high water level," he said. "And for several years, they were closed because of the low water level."

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