Van de Putte picks up new endorsements

Calvert, Warrick latest elected officials to support former state senator

SAN ANTONIO – Leticia Van de Putte scored two more big endorsements Wednesday in her bid to become San Antonio's next mayor.

The former state senator has received the support from elected officials who serve in Mayor Ivy Taylor's home district.

Tommy Calvert was the latest elected official to throw his support behind Van de Putte in her run for mayor.

The Precinct 4 Bexar County commissioner said he believes she has the leadership necessary to improve the East side and move the entire city forward.

"I'm standing up for Leticia Van de Putte as our next mayor and encouraging all of my supporters to do the same," Calvert said. "I do think it should give the constituents of Precinct 4 and District 2 in particular great pause that every single elected leader in the mayor's home district has now endorsed Sen. Van de Putte."

Calvert was joined by District 2 City Councilman Alan Warrick who is also backing Van de Putte.

He said Taylor has failed the East Side as a council member and as mayor.

"In the end, it's all about who you trust to support the people of your district and support the initiatives you have for your district and the city of San Antonio and I trust Leticia Van de Putte," Warrick said.

Van de Putte was pleased to add the new endorsements and promised to impact the lives of those who call the East Side home by reinvesting more money to jump start housing in their neighborhoods.

"I understand the need for our neighborhood reinvestment zone," Van De Putte said. "We know that the housing in particularly in some of our areas  and in this area right here needs that jump start so why not work with our partners at the county, at the city, and draw down as much as we can from state and federal and reinvest those hard earned tax dollars right here back in the community."

A representative for Mayor Ivy Taylor responded to the new endorsements by issuing the following statement:

"Mayor Taylor helped bring over half a billion dollars in investments to the East Side both as the District 2 City Councilwoman and as mayor. Alan Warrick's greatest accomplishment is to propose that the city regulates the sale of used mattresses. It comes as no surprise that aspiring career politicians with grandiose ambitions want to maintain the status quo so they can collect on whatever Leticia Van de Putte has to offer."

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