Cuero may dodge serious flooding

Guadalupe River crest expected to reach 40 feet

CUERO, Texas – The Guadalupe River was running well out of its banks Thursday afternoon as water from the deadly flooding in Central Texas continued to rush downstream, flooding unpopulated, low-lying areas and highways near Cuero.

"The National Weather Service has forecast it to crest somewhere around 40 feet tomorrow (Friday) or late tonight (Thursday)," said Brian Petri, with the U.S. Geological Survey.

Petri and his crew measured water levels Thursday along the river, west of Cuero.

Though it does not appear to be a threat to the town, the rising river merits watching, he said.

"This still affects people, and still affects property and closes roads," Petri said.

Residents of Cuero still remember the flood of 1998, when the river crested at 50 feet and flooded the town with 13 feet of water. Another flood hit Cuero in 2004 but paled in comparison to the flood of 1998.

"If it doesn't come up more than 40 feet, we'll be fine," said Bobby Guenther, who owns a restaurant in Cuero. "In 2004, it was up to the back door here, but it didn't come in."

The staff at a convenience store in town said that customers seemed worried earlier in the day Thursday, so they donned children's water toy tubes to lighten their mood.

"We had a lot of people come in and kind of get all scared and rattled up, so we just thought, ‘Hey, let's make them laugh and make them smile,'" said Dorothy Osegueda, the store manager.

For now, that is what the people in Cuero are doing as they hope the water will soon begin to recede.

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