Bachelorette Blog: Jaw dropping moments, budding 'Bromance' in Episode 4


Whew, what a night on "The Bachelorette!" There were so many bombshells! Let's start at the beginning.

Kupah's wild rampage continued into Monday night's episode. (You may recall he was furious about being sent home, and yelled during his exit interview.)

Kaitlyn took it upon herself to confront him and that's when things got a little weird. As she tried to figure out what was going on, his demeanor instantly changed.  

His attempts to explain himself failed and once again, his outburst continued. It was clear lots of alcohol was involved, but what an embarrassing way to go!

After all that drama, it was time for the rose ceremony. Kaitlyn had a tough time sending two other men home.  

The next morning sumo wrestlers woke up the guys and announced the names on the group date card. Some of them were not too excited about what they would be wearing during their sumo competition (think huge man thong.)

The fun and games came to an end after Tony competed. He walked away upset about the "violence" that filled the group dates. Kaitlyn tried to calm him down, but he wasn't backing down.

When her words didn't seem to console him, JJ swooped in. Alas, his attempt to rescue the damsel in distress only made the situation worse. Tony was sticking to his "peace and love" philosophy.

The date wasn't over yet. The men competed in front of a live audience and Tony was noticeable absent from the activities. He was fuming back at the house and decided it was time to go.

During the second part of the date, all the men were eager to talk to her except one.

Clint said if Kaitlyn wanted to speak to him, she should make the effort and approach him. Seriously?! What is this guy thinking?! Does he not know how to play the game?!

No surprise she called him out. Clint was really turned off by her reaction. During an interview my jaw dropped when he said he was forming stronger relationships with the men, especially JJ. Whoa! I definitely didn't see that coming!

Host Chris Harrison took control of the one-on-one date and Kaitlyn was so happy when he picked Ben Z.

Little did they know they would have to work together to escape a creepy, locked room.

Their chemistry was electric, not to mention they're super cute together. No surprise he got a rose at the end of the night.

The second group date was full of awkward moments as the men taught a sex education class to children. Little did they know they were being pranked by child actors.

At the end of the night, Ben H. and Jared stole the show, and Kaitlyn's affection. In the end it was Ben who got the rose. The other men better watch out! Ben H. and Jared are on fire!

Back at the house, Clint and JJ' s bromance blossomed in every way. Clint even admits he's falling in love with him. Understandably, the other men were frustrated that they weren't focusing on Kaitlyn.

During the cocktail party, Clint stole Kaitlyn away first. She was relieved by their conversation and he thought they were all good. In a side interview, he mischievously admitted he did what he had to do to stick around with JJ. 

Little did he know the other men had it out for him. One-by-one they voiced their concerns to Kaitlyn and she knew what she had to do. She pulled Clint aside and we were left with a dramatic to be continued! 

Now we have to wait on the edge of our seats to see what happens next! Be sure and tune in Monday night on KSAT 12.