EAA lifts Stage 1 pumping reductions

Reductions have been in effect since April 2011

SAN ANTONIO – Recent heavy rains has prompted the Edwards Aquifer Authority to lift Stage 1 pumping reductions, which have been in effect since April 18, 2011, for users within the San Antonio Pool.

The EAA lifted Stage 1 based on the 10-day rolling average water level at the J-17 index well rising to more than 660 feet above mean sea level and both the Comal and San Marcos springs flow rate maintaining above the thresholds.

The change was effective on Saturday.

EAA officials said that although water levels have risen significantly, a return to pumping reductions is likely if rainfall becomes scarce in the future. 

The intent behind mandatory pumping reductions is to help stabilize aquifer levels and spring discharge rates until sufficient rain returns to the area to replenish the aquifer. 

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