Wimberley residents rebuilding after historic flooding

WIMBERLEY – More than a week after flooding rocked Wimberley, residents and property owners are working to rebuild.

Though debris is everywhere and three people remain unaccounted for, signs of cleanup are showing.

Flood wreckage and limbs litter the lawn around Ken Morgan's rental unit on the Blanco River.

"Basically, the flood came to the peak of our place," he said, pointing to the top of the two-story home.

His renter is OK though, and Morgan is keeping everything in perspective.

"Almost no one has flood insurance, but we're alive, and pretty soon, we're going to fix this up and it's going to be like it was."

Morgan has been cleaning up for four days. Though pieces of his home are scattered along the river bank, he's making progress.

"If you can imagine just taking all of that and putting it over there," said his son, Patrick Morgan, pointing to piles of brush they had made. "It was really bad. It was like a giant bird's nest in and around the house."

The flood took its toll on his neighbor's cabins, too. The bedroom and porch of one was swept away, along with the roof - the rest crumbled in on itself.

But signs of cleanup efforts are underway around town in the form of debris piles. The damaged RR12 bridge over the Blanco River - a main road through the city - opened to two lanes of traffic Tuesday afternoon.

Ken Morgan, a sawyer wood worker, is sorting through the debris for salvageable wood.

He has no anger about the floods. He's just looking ahead.

"Sometimes you're up. Sometimes you're down, but you keep going forwards," Ken Morgan said.

A curfew from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. is in effect for certain parts of Wimberley:

Flite Acres Road

Haschke Road

Fischer Store Road

Deer Crossing Lane

River Road

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