BCSO: Deputies dodge debris tossed at them during car chase

Driver, passenger in custody after 25 mile long chase

SAN ANTONIO – Two people were arrested Tuesday after a 25-mile long chase through Bexar County. Deputies said that during the chase, they were dodging debris being hurled at them from the car they were pursuing.

"Toys, boxes of clothing, a canopy tent and then, the box," said Lt. Diana Lorenz with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office, describing the items tossed at them.

"(It was done) either to have the officers wreck during the chase, or possibly evidence. We don't know," she said.

Lorenz said no deputies were injured in the incident.

The chase began on the far West Side around 5 a.m. after a deputy noticed a car speeding in a neighborhood near Potranco and Talley roads.

Lorenz said the deputy attempted to conduct a traffic stop but the driver sped off.

The chase continued along Potranco to Ingram Road, went through Ingram Park Mall, then headed south on Loop 410. 

Lorenz said the suspects' car exited at Valley Hi Drive, and ran over a spike strip that deputies had set out on the access road near Somerset Road.

"It took out two tires.  They continued for about 3 miles down the road, on the access road on rims, sparking metal," she said.  "Even on rims, they were going about 70 (miles per hour)."

She said the car finally came to a stop after it hit a tree stump near Moursund Boulevard.  Lorenz said the couple attempted to run away, but deputies arrived and took them into custody.

They are expected to face a long list of charges.

Following their arrests, deputies said, the woman driver and her male passenger were uncooperative when it came to answering questions.

Their names were not released immediately.

Deputies said there also were discrepancies involving the license plates on the car, and they suspected the vehicle might be stolen.

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