Mosquito control systems in high demand

Glast: We would count 1,2,3 open the doors and run

SAN ANTONIO – It's been a long time since the Glast family enjoyed their backyard and pool because of the mosquitoes that had taken up residence in their yard. However, they took matters into their own hands and eliminated the swarming pests.

Katherine Glast says she remembers how they reached their limit when it comes to the blood suckers.

"The kids and I would say, ‘1, 2, 3', then we would open the car doors and run inside and close them. I mean, it was bad," she said.

She said they never used their pool for fear of being bitten up. When the rains hit, the problem got worse so the Glast's said they decided to take action in a way that was pricey, but effective.

The Glast's turned to MosquitoNix, a company that installs and maintains pesticide spray systems that automatically sends out timed mists into backyard areas. Specialist Jeremy Tarver says business this year has been good.

"We've been doing this since 2004, and this is our busiest mosquito season to date, " he said.

Tarver says the misting systems run about $2,800 on average. While some homeowners will operate them on their own, others hire the company to visit monthly to check levels and make sure the biting insects are eliminated.

"This system sprays every day, three times a day. It eliminates mosquitoes from living and breeding on your property," Tarver said. "We can't do anything about the mosquitoes off your property, but as they come in, our system gets them and doesn't allow them to set up shop in your yard." 

The Glast's family said it hasn't only eliminated their mosquitoes, but they also see fewer other pests like wasps.

"It's made a huge difference. I don't even think about it anymore. We come out here on our trampoline and come out to the pool," said Glast. "We'll come out in the morning and have coffee. We couldn't do that before." 

High mosquito populations also create a higher threat for encephalitis, dengue fever, West Nile and Chikungunya disease. For more on these diseases and viruses click here.



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