BCSO: Man in white van approached 2 girls on West Side

Sheriff's office investigating reports of 'suspicious activity'


SAN ANTONIO – Bexar County sheriff officials are sending out an alert, warning people about a man in a white van, who has been reported to be following teenage girls on the street.

It happened at least two times on Tuesday. 

The first report came from a teenager walking down the street in the 11000 block of Creek Crown.

"She said a guy in a van was following her so, she decided to snap a picture of the van," said James Keith with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office. "The driver of the van ended up taking off. He didn't make contact with her, he didn't talk to her, nothing like that, but she thought it was suspicious. She went home and told one of her parents." 

Two hours later, Keith said a 12-year-old girl reported that she was walking in the 10000 of Raven Field when she first noticed a van behind her. 

She said it eventually pulled up right next to her, but when the driver rolled down the window, she screamed and ran.

Sheriff officials are calling both incidents "suspicious" and are working to track that driver down.

"The girl who had the first encounter with the van, she snapped a photo of him," Keith said. "However, the picture is a little bit blurry. So, we're using some technology to blow up the license plate number. Ideally, we want to identify that license plate number, track down the owner and then go find out what his motives were. That way, we'll be able to figure out if this was a crime he intended to carry out,  or if it was just a misunderstanding."

Kalysta Vasquez, 14, lives in the neighborhood. She said hearing about what happened is a little disturbing, but she said she's telling her friends to be on the lookout, and that she is watching out as well.

"I would take a picture and hurry up and scatter away to my house or to one of my friend's house if we were walking," said Vasquez. "But, I would be really cautious about where I'm walking to. To make sure it's not following us."

Keith said they want to make clear that no criminal activity has taken place, but BCSO is asking people to be cautious around a white van with a rusty bumper. If you see it, you are asked to call authorities.


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