SAPD: Man posing as sign maker steals customers' money

Alleged victims create web page warning about Taylor McKemberly, 49

SAN ANTONIO – Two charges of theft have been filed against Taylor McKemberly, 49, a man accused of posing as a sign maker and conning customers out of their money.

San Antonio police arrested him on Thursday in connection with two cases. However, based on the contents of an arrest affidavit, it appears more charges could be coming. 

The affidavit stated there is an entire Facebook page dedicated to McKemberly and numerous thefts he allegedly committed. 

The page was created by people who say they are his victims.  

In the cases which have led to charges so far, at least one victim said he met McKemberly after answering an ad on Craigslist, hoping to have him wrap his RV with a sign.  

He said he later paid McKemberly more than $1,700 to do the job, but no work was done.  

The affidavit stated that in the other case, McKemberly was paid more than $2,200 to repair the signs on a business, but did not do that job either.

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