Large pothole snarls traffic on I-35


SAN ANTONIO – The weekend got off to a bumpy start for some drivers on Interstate 35 North thanks to a large pothole just past Rittiman Road.

The pothole measured about 3 feet long by 1 foot wide and several inches deep. Six to 10 ehicles suffered front tire damage.

"Well, I was coming from work and as I was heading in the middle lane, and all of a sudden I saw the pothole and I couldn't go either way. So from there I had to take my chances. So I ended up hitting the pothole and pulling over. Once I pulled over, there was about five cars lined up already," said Mario Tapia, whose car had to be towed.

Crews with the Texas Department of Transportation put a temporary fix in place and traffic was able to flow again.

TxDOT hasn't said when a permanent repair will be made.