Texas emergency officials bracing for tropical storm


CALHOUN COUNTY, Texas – Emergency officials along the Texas coastline are bracing for Tropical Storm Bill less then a month after Memorial Day storms caused wide spread flooding and killed 23 people statewide.

The Calhoun County Sheriff's Office met with local agencies and the National Weather Service Monday evening in anticipation of Bill's expected landfall on Tuesday.

"We have over 500 miles of coastline in this county alone. That's including all the bays and everything else and rivers," said Calhoun County Sheriff George Aleman.

Calhoun County officials expect 3-6 inches of rain but at this time there are no plans to evacuate any neighborhoods.

"Everybody's got their own personalities, you know? Some kind of go overboard and overdo things but this came up so fast (that) nobody's really prepared," said resident Vince Kacir.
Aleman is asking residents to have a plan in place for the safety of their family and emergency responders.

"We'll make arrangements to help them get out," Aleman said. "We want people to notify us in due time so we can help them get out."

The sheriff's office in Calhoun County will have all 28 deputies on calls working full shifts in case of flooding.