Water rescue teams stay busy during more flooding

SAFD: Just a few inches of water can disable your car, sweep it away


SAN ANTONIO – Flash flooding across South Texas has kept San Antonio Fire Department rescue teams extremely busy.

In just minutes of heavy rain Wednesday night, creeks swelled and water rose across the region. A viewer sent KSAT video of a huge wave shooting down Leon Creek, covering dry ground with flowing water in second. Another viewer video shows Conception Park with raging water rising.

When flash flooding warnings become reality, San Antonio Fire Department's Technical Rescue Teams risk their lives.

"In total we had about 14 calls for high-water rescues. The good news is (that) the majority of those resulted in our firefighters showing up and it was just an abandoned vehicle. People were about to get out of the vehicle on their own," said San Antonio Fire Department Spokesman Christian Bove.

Bove reports, however, that one of those rescues was not so simple. A group of teenagers in a black SUV got swept off the roadway into a very flooded McAllister Park,

"In that time, the car stalled out. Water began rising pretty fast. They were able to get out of the SUV get on the roof," Bove said.

Bove said up to that point the teens did everything right by getting out of the car and onto the roof. However, eventually they either jumped or were swept into the moving water, where they were finally rescued.

"We definitely don't suggest jumping into that water," Bove said.

He says being too curious or trying to make fun out of flooding can also get you into trouble.

"People try to see the creek behind their house or let their kids play in just a couple of inches, but that can be very dangerous, and could be possibly deadly because we saw how fast that water can move," Bove said.

While viewer pictures and videos make our severe weather coverage complete, KSAT and the San Antonio Fire Department both ask that you don't put yourself in harm's way to get those shots. Safety comes first.

Tropical Storm Bill has moved out up to the north, but while there's still rain in the forecast firefighters and technical rescue teams will be on high alert and ready to go. 

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