Police officers association responds to Mayor Taylor's deal deadline

SAPOA says July 31 deadline 'not productive'

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SAN ANTONIO – In the latest in the ongoing collective bargaining agreement negotiations between the city and the San Antonio Police Officers Association, the union has called a deal deadline proposed by Mayor Ivy Taylor "not productive."

Taylor met with Union President Michael Helle Thursday and said afterward in a statement that SAPOA needs to return to the bargaining table and finalize a deal by July 31.

In a statement Friday, the union said it is looking forward to working with the mayor and city staff to complete negotiations.

The union also stated that it believes that "arbitrary deadlines to complete negotiations are not productive and lawsuits are counter-productive to a negotiation process that requires trust and compromise."

Helle issued the following statement Friday.

"Mayor Taylor wants the same thing we want, a contract that protects San Antonio and every man and woman who wears a badge. The mayor released a statement after our meeting that delivers ultimatums and deadlines. That isn't productive nor does it help rebuild trust. We want to work with Mayor Taylor. Our promise is to get back to the table as soon as possible and continue finding a path forward. We hope Mayor Taylor joins us in working together to protect San Antonio."

The union's collective bargaining agreement with the city expired on Sept. 30, 2014.