Woman rescued from SUV swept away in Bandera

Rescuers say woman lucky to be alive after being pulled from creek

BANDERA, Texas – A woman is recovering Monday after firefighters pulled her from the SUV she was driving in a creek created by floodwater.

Rescuers from the Lakeshore Volunteer Fire Department said the woman is lucky to be alive and only suffered a broken hand. When rain fell Monday morning in Bandera it crossed many roadways in the area, creating unsafe conditions for drivers.

Crews were headed to barricade the low water crossing at the same time the woman needed help. They said she didn't break any laws attempting to cross and thought she could make it safely because she could see the roadway the entire way across. That's when she was hit by a wall of fast-moving water.

Fire Lt. Mark Gill called it one of the hardest rescues of his life.

"The hardest part was the speed and the depth of the water. We didn't have the proper equipment for a swift water rescue," Gill said.

It was all caught on cellphone video as the woman's car went tumbling downstream before finally coming to a stop and rescuers were able to reach her.

Nathan Silva lives nearby and assisted the rescue as much as he could.

"I was just thinking what if it was my wife and kids, and I wanted to do whatever I could to help," Silva said. 

People on the scene said another truck went floating down the same creek near the low water crossing Memorial Day weekend. Residents said the roadway, Old Castroville Road, is the only way in and out of a neighborhood called Holiday Villages near Medina Lake.

Watch the full viewer video below.