Bachelorette Blog: Bring on the water works in Episode 8


Episode Eight kicked off with Kaitlyn reassuring Shawn that she wanted him around ... again.

Seriously, this is getting old. I know he is struggling, but really, come on. Is it wrong that I feel like yelling at the TV: "suck it up or hit the road!"

JJ and Joe got the two-on-one date. (In case you're not a "Bachelor" junkie like me, two men enter, but only one emerges with a rose. The other guy is sent home.)

It was nice to see Joe open up about his feelings. He admitted he was falling in love with Kaitlyn. There's something so sweet about him, but is it too little too late?

JJ was up next. He was extremely nervous as he opened up about his past and revealed he cheated on his wife. Even though that's one of her biggest fears, Kaitlyn seemed to take it well. Or maybe she didn't, because in the end she sent JJ home.

Back at the hotel, no surprise, Shawn was stressing out again, but this time he explained why he was struggling so much.

He revealed he spent time with Kaitlyn off camera in San Antonio. He claimed she told him he was "the one." Say what?! That definitely explains a lot!

Meanwhile, Joe rejoined the guys and was excited to talk about the rose. Once again, the conversation pushed Shawn over the edge.

He went back to Kaitlyn's room to talk to her again. He brought up their conversation in San Antonio. Kaitlyn cried. Shawn freaked out. This is seriously getting ridiculous.

He needs to calm down and she needs to honest. I feel bad for the other guys. Why does Shawn deserve so much extra attention?

The cocktail party was super awkward. Ben H. brought up more about the off-camera time in San Antonio (since he was sharing a room with Shawn.) I felt like their interaction was strange, and nothing was really resolved.

The drama kept coming during Kaitlyn's alone time with Nick. She wanted to make it clear that their intimate time needed to stay, well...intimate.

Nick's nerves came out as he explained he hadn't said anything. All I know is Kaitlyn better tell the other guys soon or it will not end well!

Then there's Shawn ... again. I was glad Kaitlyn told him they needed to take a step back. But what does this mean?

After a tense rose ceremony, Tanner and Ben Z. were sent home. Next up, Killarney. For those of you who aren't world travelers, that's a town in southwest Ireland.

While most of the guys were stuck on a bus, Jared got to hit the road with Kaitlyn.

The pair shared several romantic moments that left Kaitlyn on cloud nine, but then Chris Harrison dropped a bombshell.

He revealed this week she'll narrow it down to three guys. Next week is the overnight dates. Then the final two guys will get hometown dates.  

The first one-on-one date went to Chris. They were excited to take a helicopter ride over the countryside, and then they landed on the Cliffs of Moher.  

Whoa! Talk about a breathtaking view! Kaitlyn got emotional as she voiced concerns about their future, and said their relationship was coming to an end.

Yikes! It was so hard to watch Chris unravel. He fell apart as he was left on the cliffs alone. Chris seemed like a genuine guy, I just don't think he fit into her wild and crazy life.

In the teaser for next week, Kaitlyn tells the other men she had sex with Nick. How will they react? Will anyone walk away? Now we have to wait until Monday to find out! Be sure and tune in Monday night on KSAT 12.

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