Leon Valley monitors rain as city prepares for Fourth of July celebration


LEON VALLEY, Texas – The KSAT 12 News team has kept an eye on the radar Wednesday to see how much more rain could fall in the area.

Courtney Friedman went to check out Raymond Rimkus Park, where the city of Leon Valley is hosting its annual Fourth of July celebration, to see what will happen if it continues to rain.

A company helping throw the event said right now they are not planning to move the event from Rimkus Park.

Although parts of the park are flooded, it doesn't look bad. And the city is hoping the next few days will dry it all out. 

The main issue is the creek that runs through the park. With even more rain hitting the area Wednesday, the creek is now very swollen.

The good news is that the city is still days away from Saturday's event, so the city and event planners are hoping the flooding will soak in. And they seem confident it will be OK. ​

If conditions over the next few days require a change in plans or schedule, the call will be made late Friday. The situation will also be monitored all day Saturday during the event.

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