Strong storms leave residents with big clean up

SAN ANTONIO – Residents in Far West Bexar County are preparing for what will likely be a very long day of clean up Wednesday.

Tuesday's storm damaged many homes, and now homeowners need to sort things out with their insurance companies.

Adam DeLeon described what he saw after the storms that hit Shaenpath Drive where some rooftops were torn off.

"I was looking at the roofs," said DeLeon. "And, I noticed that a lot of them are missing and I looked at our roof and I noticed that we had the biggest chunk missing because the whole panel came off."

In fact, when a KSAT-12 crew went inside DeLeon's home for a better look at the damage, the ceiling came down.

Bonnie Whitaker, who lives close by to DeLeon, said her house was fine and that she believes the damage was pretty sporadic because some houses got a lot of damage, while others weren't even touched.

"There was trash everywhere," said DeLeon. "I didn't know what to expect at first. My first thought was maybe somebody knocked over our trash cans."

Whitaker said she believes what she saw touchdown was a small tornado.

"It started raining really hard," said Whitaker. "So, we ran outside to the porch out there and we saw a little twister just come down and I called my husband."

KSAT-12 meteorologists say it wasn't a tornado, but straight-line winds are to blame for the damage.

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